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Nissan 370Z: Florida’s Favorite Sports Car

The “Z” car has long been hailed as one of Florida’s favorite sports machines since its inception in 1969. Today’s Nissan 370Z continues the legendary sports car heritage with the ultimate in performance, technology and style. You are sure to catch the attention of everyone in the Panama City and Pensacola area when you cruise down the interstate in the 370Z. Nissan obviously put performance at the top of the list when designing this car and it shows with the impressive horsepower and acceleration when you drive one. Now’s a great time to test drive a at Lee Nissan located at 235 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548. You better be careful, though. Once you get behind the wheel of the modern version of this legendary performance car, you’ll be hooked! Yes, the Nissan 370Z is just that impressive.

2018 Nissan 370Z Review

The Nissan 370Z has a fresh, new look for the 2018 model year and a special “Heritage Edition” in honor of almost fifty years on the sports car market. The Heritage edition of the 370Z is available in Magnetic Black or Chicane Yellow colors and features custom exterior graphics, leather-wrapped steering wheel with yellow trim, leather-wrapped shift knob with yellow trim, yellow interior details and black outside mirrors.

Nissan updated all models of the 2018 370Z with new headlights/taillights, door handles and many other features. The interior is incredibly well-equipped and available with adjustable lumbar support and heated seats. Nissan characterizes the 2018 370Z’s interior as “driver obsessed” and that seems logical given the sports car heritage. Under the hood, the 370Z holds a 3.7L V6 engine that delivers 332 horsepower. It’s also silky smooth when shifting gears in either manual or automatic transmission configurations. The 2018 Nissan 370Z is sure to become a hot seller in Florida, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to get one before they’re gone at Lee Nissan in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.
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Blast from the 370Z Past

The “Z” sports car traces its origins back to 1969 when Datsun (now known as Nissan) introduced the 240Z to the North American market. The 240Z featured technology that was way ahead of its time and a very attractive price point compared to other sports cars of the period. Sales naturally took off like a rocket in the U.S. and the legend of the Z was born.

The second generation of the Z was released in 1979 as the 280ZX. The factory shifted its focus from the performance aspects of the car to enhancing the looks and equipment offered. This model also sold well, but some of the hard core Z loyalists expressed concern over the lack of emphasis on improved performance. This trend continued in 1984, when Nissan released the 300ZX featuring a 3.0L V6 engine under the hood. Luxury options on this model Z increased even more than the previous generation car.

For the 1990 model year, Nissan finally returned to the Z’s performance roots with the introduction of the brand new 300ZX. In addition to its incredibly attractive style, the 300ZX packed plenty of punch reaching 220 horsepower. Despite being very well received upon introduction, sales begin to dip in the ensuing years and Nissan removed the nameplate from their vehicle lineup after the 1996 model year.

The Nissan Z was reintroduced to the North American market for the 2003 model year under the “350Z” nameplate. Absence must have made the heart grow fonder, as the 350Z once again became a successful car for Nissan. In fact, Nissan even released a 35th Anniversary edition model in 2005 to satisfy consumer demand.

Over the next decade, Nissan continued to enhance and tweak the Z car to satisfy sports car enthusiast tastes, and the current iteration of the car, known as the 370Z, remains popular to this day.

New & Used Nissan 370Z Near Pensacola, FL

Feel free to shop our selection of models online or in person at our Nissan dealership located at . We offer all our and at competitive prices so you can save big money. Plus, you get our when you buy at our dealership. We invite you to experience the Lee Nissan difference today, and see why more Nissan buyers in Panama City and Pensacola are turning to us for all their vehicle sales and service needs.


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