Battery Service Deals

A vital part of vehicle ownership is routine maintenance. By catching problems with your car and fixing them early, you can make sure they do not grow into costly repairs. A faulty or dirty battery can quickly become a dead battery. If your battery dies while you are out, it means you need to stop what you’re doing and look for a jump-start or a tow. However, you can prevent this particular headache by getting routine battery checks.

At Lee Nissan, we offer affordable prices on battery service here in Ft. Walton Beach. Our team knows all things about car batteries, and we can handle your automotive needs with efficiency and skill. Schedule yourself for a service slot online to take advantage of expertise and insight you can rely on.

When Do You Need Battery Service?

Half the battle with car maintenance is knowing when it is necessary. The battery is a part that requires routine maintenance. Typically, your car manual or whoever installed it will tell you how long you can go without a replacement. However, there are also some obvious signs that can tell you when the battery is going out. Call us if you want to talk to somebody about whether you might need to bring it in. One of our team members can answer any of your questions about maintenance.

Your car might be due for battery service if it shows any of the following signs:

  • The engine does not start or takes several tries to get going.
  • The battery cables or leads are corroded or dirty (do not touch corroded battery parts).
  • Headlights, radio, and other parts that typically work without the engine require the engine to turn on.
  • Even with the engine, your headlights are dimmer than normal.
  • You have jump-started your car often or recently.
  • It has been over six months since your battery was last checked.

If any of these sounds like your car, schedule an appointment online for an expert opinion.

Schedule Battery Service at Lee Nissan

Don’t end up stranded with no power. By routinely getting your battery checked, you will never have to worry about an unexpected jump or tow. There’s no reason to wait for battery service when you have Lee Nissan in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. We have great prices and expert mechanics. Visit us during regular hours or plan ahead by booking an appointment online.

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