Vehicle Purchase Program

Vehicle Purchase Program At Lee Nissan

When you become a member of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program here at Lee Nissan of Fort Walton Beach, you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular savings and a variety of benefits that’ll come in handy when you’re securing the New Nissan that’s captured your interest. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) Discounts that can be combined with all eligible incentives and offers
  • NMAC/IFS Lease Specials and Available APRs
  • A Haggle-Free Buying Experience

Criteria For Eligibility For The Vehicle Purchase Program

  • US Active and Reserve US Military with active service Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • US Military Veterans within 12 months active duty and a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
  • US Military Retirees with DD214/NGB22 or other supporting document.
  • College Students with 6 months before or 2 years after graduation from an accredited United States 2 or 4 year college, university, graduate school or nursing school with approved credit, valid insurance and adequate income.
  • Currently-enrolled Graduate Students with sufficient income, approved credit and valid insurance.

If I Lease Or Purchase A Vehicle Through VPP, How Does That Process Go And Is There Special Pricing Offered For VPP Customers?

  • Financing a vehicle through our Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program is handled the same way as it is with non-VPP purchases. Normal credit standards apply if you decide to finance through our dealership and our teams can assist you with the most up-to-date offers available.

Are All Infiniti And Nissan Vehicles Eligible For The VPP Discount?

  • No. The incentives offered under VPP vary by model and savings will also vary based upon the selected trim, model and options. Not every Nissan model or trim level is eligible for VPP. Additionally, dealers can refuse VPP program offers. To learn more about model eligibility, feel free to contact our Nissan dealership.

How Much Will The Vehicle I Want Cost Me?

  • During the Claim Generation process, you can view VPP pricing based on dealer inventory. Or, you can contact our dealership for pricing on specific models. Dealer-installed accessories are negotiable between you and the Nissan dealership. Pre-negotiated VPP prices for accessories installed by dealerships do not exist.

Can My Trade-In Vehicle’s Value Be Used To Reduce My Purchase Price?

  • No. The value of a trade-in vehicle can be allocated toward your vehicle’s purchase, but it will not contribute to the determination of your vehicle’s purchase price. Your trade-in must be handled as a separate transaction from the calculation of the VPP price.

Can I Be Charged With A Documentation Fee With VPP?

  • Yes, documentation fees are generally standard for all customers, including those with VPP.

For How Long Is The Claim ID Valid?

45 days is the length of time that a claim ID is valid. Upon expiration, you may generate a new one as long as you are within your allotted claims.