Warning Light Meaning near Panama City Beach, FL

What Does That Warning Light Mean?

If you’re driving through Panama Beach, FL when a warning light comes on, the service team at Lee Nissan will help you diagnose the problem and provide you with quality repairs. Just make an appointment with our skilled mechanics and bring your vehicle to our location on Miracle Strip Parkway Southwest in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

In the meantime, calm your worries by reviewing our quick guide to common warning lights and how to handle them.

Oil Light

The oil light is one of the most common lights car owners see. In some models the oil light is a red or orange depiction of an oil can. In others, it’s simply a display of the word “OIL”. If the oil light comes on, it means that your engine is low on oil or your oil pump isn’t circulating enough oil. If you’re driving, you should pull over to check your oil levels with your lipstick. Top off your oil, if needed. Then schedule an appointment with your preferred service center.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

The tire pressure warning light is a depiction of a flat tire, but that doesn’t mean you have a flat tire. If the light is solid, it means the pressure in one or more of your tires is too high or too low. If it flashes when you turn on your vehicle, your tire pressure monitoring system might be malfunctioning. No matter which situation you encounter, the best course of action is to check your tire pressure. If needed, make the proper adjustments. If your tire pressure is correct, make an appointment with your service center to diagnose the issue.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

If your engine temperature warning light comes on, don’t wait to address it. Take action as soon as you notice the thermometer on your dashboard. The symbol means your engine is overheating. The cause could be low coolant. To check it, turn off your engine and wait at least 10 minutes for it to cool down. While you wait, it’s a good idea to call roadside assistance. You will likely need to tow your vehicle to a service center.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is an indication of many things, which makes it hard to diagnose. The best thing to do when you notice it is asking a professional to assess the issue.

Battery Warning Light

The battery warning light is a rectangle with a plus and minus sign in the middle. Even though it depicts a battery it doesn’t always mean that you have a dead or failing battery. It indicates that your charging system needs attention. Check your battery for loose cables or corrosion and if neither is the issue, take your vehicle to a professional so they can test your battery and evaluate your starter and alternator.

Lee Nissan Service Center

To maintain your vehicle, it’s important to address warning lights as soon as you see them. To do that, you need a trustworthy service center near Panama Beach, FL. That’s where Lee Nissan comes in. Whenever you need quality automotive care, schedule an appointment with us.

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